7 Great 1st Birthday Ideas for Boys

Choosing a first birthday gift can be challenging. You want something that will delight child and parents alike: a gift that’s fun, but also commemorative. Ideally, a first birthday gift will be treasured for a lifetime—and possibly even be passed onto the little one’s own children.

To help you make this momentous decision (and we say that without exaggeration) we’ve come up with a list of seven 1st birthday ideas for boys that will be enjoyed long after their first birthday cakes.

Framed Photos

From birth to that first birthday, most babies are photographed more times than an A-list celebrity. Why not commemorate baby’s first year with a beautifully framed photo? The options here are only limited by your imagination, but could include:

  • A classy, timeless black and white photo in an elegant frame
  • A collage of your best photos in a “My First Birthday” frame
  • Wood “name frames” cut to match the boy’s name

Time Capsules

A quick search online will bring up images of baby time capsules—beautifully crafted and painted wooden boxes in which parents can store treasures from their child’s first year. If you’re the crafty sort, you can make your own, giving the gift extra meaning.

Customized Birthday Books

A customized birthday book puts the party’s guest of honor right in the action, seamlessly inserting the child’s name or photo into the story. You can choose from beautifully illustrated picture books to sturdy board books designed to stand up to curious little hands. Either way, what little boy doesn’t want to be the hero of his own adventure?

First Birthday Cake Topper

You might want to present this gift to parents before the party, so they can have it on the cake ready to surprise the birthday boy. Many cake toppers can be personalized with the child’s name, and are proudly displayed for years to come.

Traditional Wooden toys

In today’s digital world, it’s easy to forget that traditional toys can still hold a child’s interest. Sturdy wooden toys take a beating from even the most rambunctious boy and come back for more. Building blocks are an excellent example, but you can also find wooden trainsets, pull along toys, play carpenter’s sets, and ride-along wagons. Just be sure to check the size of any wooden parts for safety—at one year of age, more than just birthday cake is likely to go into that mouth!

Growth charts

By their first birthday, children are either walking or very close to it. They’re also growing fast, and love to see how much taller they’ve become as the months pass. A personalized growth chart makes a great kid’s room decoration and marks the little one’s progress to that most cherished status—being a “big kid.”

Special Teddy Bears

Teddy bears never go out of style, and remain some of the most popular 1st birthday ideas for boys. Think of how many adults still have their old bear, and all the memories that come with it.

Your choice of teddy bears is, to say the least, extensive. We recommend a well-made “old-fashioned” bear. They’re well made, sturdy, and as ready to go on adventures as they are for nighttime snuggling.

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