7 Amazing 1st Birthday Ideas for Girls

A girl’s first birthday should be celebrated as a milestone for both her and her family. So much has changed since she came into the world—she’s learning to walk, talk, and explore her environment. And now, for the first time, she’s having a birthday!

Make the party memorable with our 1st birthday ideas for girls. Give her a gift she and her parents will treasure forever.

Child’s bracelet

Children are often fascinated with their parent’s jewelry, so why not give the birthday girl her own bracelet for special occasions? Baby bracelets are available in gold and silver, and can be personalized with the child’s name. Present it in a little jewelry box, and watch her eyes widen.

Music Globes

Wind-up musical snow globes make attractive gifts, and come in all manner of styles. You can choose a delicately-crafted globe to display safely out of the little one’s reach (so taking it down and listening to it with parents is a special event). You can also find studier globes if you think the child would prefer something she can handle independently.

Personalized Books

Introducing children to books early in life encourages early reading skills and later academic success: not to mention the fun of snuggling with mom and dad for Storytime. Among the most popular 1st birthday ideas for girls are personalized stories. Whether you give a tough and durable board book or a gracefully illustrated storybook, children love stories where they’re the stars of the show.

Special Dolls

Dolls remain popular toys for girls, and a special new playmate can make a birthday even more special. Choose your doll with the girl’s personality in mind. Some adore the frilly, lacy dresses of the traditional doll, while others might be more comfortable with a floppy rag doll. Remember as well not every little girl wants to be a princess. Some want to be pirates and adventurers, and there are dolls for them too!

Place Mats

At one-year-old, the birthday girl is slowly learning to feed herself, but by necessity it’s a messy process (especially when cake icing is involved). Make the next few months’ cleanup easier with a customized place mat. The child will adore the bright colors and illustrations surrounding her name, and parents will appreciate how easily the mat cleans up.



Children adore music. Just think of the many viral videos out there of babies shaking their diapered bottoms to pop songs, even if their feet aren’t very steady yet. Foster a child’s love of music and you encourage her to dance, sing, or learn to play an instrument. A sing-along book with personalized music gives her extra incentive to belt out a tune—what little girl wouldn’t like to hear songs about herself?

Framed Photos

Children love to look at pictures of themselves, so why not gather your best photos of the last year into a framed collage for the family to enjoy. You can get frames that spell out the birthday girl’s name or hunt secondhand stores for that perfect vintage frame. If you have too many photos to choose from, why not upload the entire photo album into an electronic picture frame?

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