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7 Fun Ideas for Valentine’s Day with Kids

Celebrate the sweetest of holidays with fun Valentine’s Day ideas for kids! The whole family can enjoy these crafts, games, and recipes that fill your day with love and laughter. Valentine’s Day is a joyful holiday that’s all about hearts, flowers, and loving cards. Even if your outside view is cold and snowy on February 14th, these fun activities and ideas can all be enjoyed at home. Every idea is an interactive boredom buster. Race for candy in a scavenger hunt, make an emoji pizza, or decorate your room with handmade heart butterflies. Inspire kids to spread love and joy with some of these activity ideas!

7 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Kids

Bake marshmallow flower cupcakes.

Are your kiddos obsessed with marshmallows? Bake up this Valentine’s Day dessert for a sweet holiday treat. Use your favorite cupcake recipe or boxed mix and bake according to the instructions. Put aside five marshmallows for each cupcake. Use your thumb and press down on the marshmallows so they are slightly flattened like a flower petal. Kids will love doing this step! Once the cupcakes have cooled, frost them and arrange the marshmallows around the cupcake. Put a little frosting on each marshmallow and add colorful sprinkles. Put a chocolate candy in the middle of the cupcake, as the flower’s center, and you are done!

Draw a Valentine’s Day card.

Make a sweet and thoughtful Valentine’s Day card for a family member! Kids will love drawing and coloring a unique card. And the recipient will love having a homemade gift, made from the heart. First, choose a sweet or fun theme based on a phrase. For example, you can write “I love your warm and monstrous hugs” and draw cute monsters with hearts in their eyes or monsters holding little hearts on the card.

Make a heart eye emoji pizza.

Since even the youngest kids are tech-savvy nowadays, try making an emoji pizza that’s fun and delicious! Once you have your pizza dough covered in sauce, seasoning, and cheese, cut out thin pineapple circles. These pineapple circles will be the emoji faces. Next, cut pepperonis into hearts. Put a few pineapple circles on the pizza. Then add the pepperoni heart eyes over the pineapple. For the mouth, place black olives in a curved line on each pineapple. All you have to do is bake and you have an emoji pizza that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day dinner!

Decorate a rainbow heart-filled window.

Decorate your house windows with beautiful hearts in rainbow colors, bringing joy to yourself and your neighborhood! Cut out hearts in various sizes from construction paper or tissue paper. Then tape them to the window and group them according to color. If you use tissue paper, the sun can stream through, almost resembling stained glass. This kids’ Valentine’s Day craft is mess free and easy for little hands.

Hold a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt.

Engage kids in an exciting game to seek and find candy! Hide little candy pieces all around the house and have kids hunt for it with a basket to collect all of their goodies. Another fun prize to hide is children’s books! Hide a few books that are perfect for Valentine’s Day. Personalized children’s books are even more exciting because they have the child’s name in the story! A book like Who Loves Me? celebrates all the family members who love the child. Made for up to two kids, the photo-personalized book My Little Lovebug is a Valentine’s Day card and storybook all in one! Little ones will love discovering these special prizes that you can read together before bedtime.

Turn the child’s room into a butterfly garden.

Have a fun craft day and turn your child’s bedroom into a beautiful garden with butterflies flying all around! To make your butterflies, just cut two hearts out of construction paper, glue them onto clothespins (these are the butterfly wings) and add googly eyes. Now you can clip your butterflies onto the child’s bed, curtains, and shelves. Drape string across the room from the ceiling and clip the butterflies on. It will look like the butterflies are flying around the ceiling! Kids can also make paper flowers to complete their colorful garden. Kids will love this children’s craft activity that can be enjoyed long after the holiday is over. It’s also a great way to escape winter and imaginary play that it’s spring!

Enjoy a Valentine’s Day counting game.

Help little ones learn to count with this heart-themed numbers game! First, make a game board by drawing at least six hearts on paper. Choose a number, 1-6, and write it inside the heart. Then cut out a stack of paper hearts and put them aside. Kids will roll the dice, read the number, and put a heart over the heart on the game board with the same number.