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Easter Basket Ideas

Easter is just around the corner! What better way to make the celebration memorable than by crafting the perfect Easter basket for your little ones? Whether you’re a seasoned Easter enthusiast or a first-timer, this how-to guide is packed with ideas that will add an eggstra dose of joy to your family’s festivities. Start by learning how to upgrade your child’s basket, with goodies and surprises that guarantee joyful giggles. Second, we’ve curated some Easter basket ideas with creative themes to make your gifting easy. And finally, enjoy an Easter basket craft that you and your kids can do together. So, dust off those bunny ears and let’s hop right into an eggstraordinary Easter celebration! 

Creating an Easter Basket

Nearly all Easter baskets have the same essential elements: a container or basket to hold your items, candy, small toys, and colorful filler.  

  1. Start with a basket that suits your child’s style, like a bunny-themed container, a wicker basket, or a bucket pail (which you can reuse at the beach!).  
  2. Next, fill the basket with your child’s favorite candy or snacks.  
  3. Finally, add in small toys that suit their interests and spark their imagination.  

For a more personal touch, include gifts that feature the child’s name like a personalized book. Kiddos will light up seeing their name in an Easter egg hunt story. And it’s all smiles as they see their name on a book about their own snuggle bunny friend!

We also love the idea of adding a personalized letter from the Easter Bunny, featuring the child’s name. This special keepsake keeps the magic of Easter alive, filling their day with love.  

easter basket ideas

Easter Basket Ideas

Upgrade your Easter basket with the perfect theme! Choose one of these ideas below that’s catered to your little one’s interests or age.  

  • Baby’s First Easter Basket: Welcome your little one to the world of Easter! In this basket, include a soft bunny plush, a pastel onesie, and a personalized book “My First Easter Egg Hunt” for cherished memories. 
  • Truck Lovers Basket: Rev up Easter excitement for your little truck enthusiast! Start with a truck plush basket that’s a basket and toy in one. Then fill it with mini cars, construction toys, and a truck-themed coloring book.  
  • Easter Bunny Basket: Hop into the season with a bunny-shaped basket. Fill it with sweet carrot-shaped chocolate treats and a bunny book with plush for cuddles at bedtime.  
  • Egg Hunt Basket: Turn your basket into an Easter egg hunt experience! Among the candy and toys, fill this basket with plastic eggs that contain clues for finding prizes in your home or backyard.  
  • Craft and Color Easter Basket: Inspire their creativity with a crafty Easter basket loaded with colored pencils, Easter-themed stickers, coloring books, and craft kits. 
  • My Very Own Name Basket: Make Easter uniquely theirs with a personalized basket featuring items showcasing their name – from a custom book like “My Very Own Name” to an Easter blanket with their initials.  
  • Gratitude Basket: Celebrate the spirit of gratitude with a basket that’s filled with love! Write a note that describes why you’re thankful for the child. You can also include a gratitude book of blessings, like “My Little Book of Blessings,” that helps the child give thanks as they grow.  

Easter Craft

Easter is the perfect time to unleash your little one’s creativity! Try this fun and easy Easter basket craft that keeps little hands busy and curious minds delighted. To make this craft you’ll need

  • A paper plate 
  • Colored markers 
  • Glue 
  • Scissors  

Start by cutting the paper plate in half, forming a semi-circle. This will be the base of your basket. Next, let your little artist’s imagination run wild as they use the markers to decorate the paper plate on both sides. Once the marker drawings have dried, fold the semi-circle in half to create a cone shape. Secure the edges with glue, creating the basket’s structure. Finally, cut a stripe from the remaining part of the plate to fashion a handle, attaching it to each side of the cone. 

Now, your little one has their own mini Easter basket that’s ready to be filled with joy and, of course, a few tiny treats! This craft not only enhances their artistic skills but also adds a touch of DIY magic to your celebrations.  

Easter craft