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Fun First Birthday Themes 

Hey party planners and parents-to-be, get ready for cuteness and celebration because we’re talking all things first birthdays! Turning one is lots of fun. But what’s the best way to kick off a memorable event? With a theme of course! We’ve got you covered with fun first birthday themes for your little one’s big day. And that’s not all—our guide includes personalized gifts to complement your party. We know finding the perfect present can be as tricky as keeping frosting off a toddler’s fingers. That’s why we have suggestions for each theme, whether your little one is a fairy tale lover, a happy camper, or a curious explorer. Need a gift that works for any party? My Very Happy Birthday in pink or blue features your baby’s name. Let the party planning begin, because these themes are not just for the babies—they’re for the memories you’ll cherish forever! 

Fairy First Birthday

For this magical Fairy First Birthday theme, prepare to enchant your little one with a whimsical wonderland!  

Imagine a space decorated with pink and gold balloons, twinkling lights, and faux greenery. Layer your party table with terrariums, raised serving platters surrounded by soft tulle, and bouquets of fresh or faux flowers. Next, consider creating an adorable photoshoot. To accomplish this, dress your baby with small fairy wings and a faux crown. Then finish the party with a small smash cake for baby, covered in edible glitter, and a chocolate cake for guests with a little fairy door on one side.  

Birthday gift pairing: My Very Own Fairy Tale is a name book with enchanting fairies that spell the child’s full name in rhyme! Crown your child a fairy princess at their first birthday party with a gift they can grow up with.  

Unicorn 1st Birthday Party

Find a first birthday theme that’s fit for a little prince or princess! This party will immerse your guests in a world of pastel hues and rainbow dreams.  


Months before their birthday, send out unicorn-themed invitations that say, “A magical day is on the way! Happy First Birthday to our little unicorn.” When it’s time to prep your party space, fill it with pastel rainbow balloons, a tulle-wrapped food table, candy jars, and little unicorn toys or plushies. Once the scene is set, it’s time for the icing on the cake—the food! Serve up cupcakes topped with upside down ice cream cones (aka “unicorn horn treats”). You can also include donuts covered in sprinkles, cake pops, and—as a healthy snack for the littles—fruit parfaits topped with gold candy pearls. Dress your baby in a pastel outfit or tutu and a unicorn horn headband for a quick photo. Finally, end the party with a smash cake, and a larger unicorn cake with rainbow-colored layers inside.  

Birthday gift pairing: Starring your child’s name, My Unicorn Dance Party encourages your little one to shine like a unicorn every day! As your child grows, they’ll love interacting with the book to move, groove, and dance with unicorn friends.  

One Happy Camper

Get ready to pitch a tent and celebrate because we’re bringing the wilderness to your One Happy Camper birthday bash! 

Picture a party space decked out in rustic charm. Set the scene with a tent and string lights, a fire pit (real or fake—whether your party is inside or outside), and stuffed animals. Decorate your party table with birch log candle holders, rustic log charcuterie boards, a plaid tablecloth, and faux greenery. Pro tip: reuse your faux trees from Christmas to create a woodland backdrop! Set up a s’mores station for a tasty treat that’ll have everyone asking for “s’more” of that goodness. And speaking of goodness, the cake? It’s a woodland masterpiece, adorned with adorable critters and maybe even a mini camper. Don’t forget to serve up some “trail mix” snacks to keep your visiting campers fueled for all the fun. So put on your coziest plaid and get ready for a 1st birthday that’s as cozy as a night under the stars! 

Birthday gift pairing: What do you get a child so special? Their very own birthday book! A Birthday Gift for a Someone Like You teaches little ones that the best gift of all is a lifetime of love and hugs. *Bonus hug coupon inside. 

Wild One Birthday for Animal Lovers

Let’s dive into a jungle of fun with this Wild One first birthday theme. It’s perfect for your little animal enthusiast’s celebration!  

wild one first birthday

Transform your party space into a vibrant safari, complete with green balloons, faux leaves, an animal print tablecloth, and adorable plush critters everywhere. Set up a snack station with “animal grub” like gummy worms, animal crackers, zebra cakes, and a fruit tray. And don’t forget to serve up a cake that’s a roaring success—featuring a fondant lion or cheeky monkey. Create a photo booth corner with safari hats and animal masks. Your guests big and small can capture the wild memories in style. Finally, remember to grab a picture of your baby to capture their first birthday milestone! Try dressing them in a cute animal costume or reuse their Halloween costume. 

It’s not just a party; it’s a safari adventure where the only rule is to have a “wildly” good time. Gather your explorers, put on your safari gear, and let’s make this first birthday a celebration as wild and wonderful as your little one’s spirit! 

Birthday gift pairing: Delight your little animal lover with My Very Own Name, a personalized name book with animals that spell the child’s name in rhyme!  

First Trip Around the Sun

Hold onto your rocket boosters and gear up for an out-of-this-world celebration! This First Trip Around the Sun birthday party theme is perfect for your little explorer’s big day.  

Create a space-themed party backdrop with twinkling stars, shimmering planets, and maybe even a mini rocket ship centerpiece. Craft a banner made of pictures for each month of your child’s life, leading up to their first birthday. Hang it above your party table, so guests can see how much your baby has grown. Next, set up a “galactic grub” station with cosmic cupcakes, rocket pops, and star-shaped sandwiches. And let’s talk about the cake—a celestial masterpiece adorned with star sugar cookies and edible glitter. Finally, create a photo booth corner with astronaut helmets and alien props, turning every snapshot into a cosmic adventure. This isn’t just a party; it’s a mission to celebrate the incredible journey of your little one’s first trip around the sun. So, grab your space suit, cue the intergalactic tunes, and let’s make this birthday a blast that’s truly out of this world! 

Birthday gift pairing: Inspire your little explorer with a gift as boundless as their curiosity! In My Big Little World, your child stars in the story to explore their home, neighborhood, and more.  

Puppy Party

Celebrate your little one’s first year with a birthday paw-ty theme that promises tail-wagging fun! 

Transform your space into an adorable puppy paradise. Stick paper pawprints on the wall and create a cardboard doghouse backdrop. Place a pawprint tablecloth over the party food table. Afterward, serve “pupcorn” in paw-printed bags, bone-shaped cookies, and puppy chow in a dog bowl. Don’t forget to offer a refreshing “puppy punch” for both kids and adults alike. To add an extra special touch, set up a “Puppy Adoption Center.” Guests can pick up baby-friendly dog plushies to take home as adorable party favors.  

Want to create a cuteness-overload photoshoot? Dress your baby in a puppy ears headband or hat and snap some pics before nap time!  

Birthday gift pairing: Perfect for dog families, If My Dog Could Talk is a story that baby and pup can share as they grow together.  

Some Bunny is One

Celebrate the joyous milestone of your little one’s first birthday. This theme captures the essence of your adorable baby but also doubles as a charming Easter celebration.  

Turn your party space into a fluffy bunny wonderland. For instance, add plush bunnies, pastel-colored balloons, and a bunny banner. Next up, party food! Indulge the guests with a bountiful brunch and offer a spread of croissants, egg bites, finger sandwiches, and bunny-shaped sugar cookies. End the meal with decadent desserts: carrot cake and a vanilla bean cake topped with bunny ears. Embrace the first birthday theme by offering bunny ears for your guests to wear. If you’re timing this celebration around Easter, organize an Easter egg hunt—inside or in the backyard—for added fun! 

Birthday gift pairing: Delight new parents and little ones with a personalized bunny book, My Snuggle Bunny, that will soothe your littles at bedtime. If you’re little one’s birthday celebration falls around Easter, surprise them with a First Easter Egg Hunt book that stars their name and makes it an Easter to remember!