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9 Unique Birthday Gifts for Kids

Find cool and unique birthday gifts for unique kids! Our birthday gift guide features standout presents that are perfect for your own child, a grandchild, or for the child who has everything. This list includes personalized birthday gifts and interactive presents that will spark creativity and imagination. Birthdays are special milestones. Turn this child’s birthday into a precious memory by giving the birthday boy or birthday girl a thoughtful gift to treasure. Here are nine birthday gift ideas for kids that offer lasting fun!

Birthday Gift for the Sports Fan: I’m My University’s Biggest Fan Personalized Book

This personalized children’s storybook is a touchdown birthday gift! Inspire a love of sports in little ones or surprise a sports fan with the perfect present. Select from 9 universities (perhaps a parent’s alma mater) and the team colors, mascot, fight song, football uniform and more all change throughout the book! In the story, the child grows up to be the most devoted sports fan and gets to play in the big football game. Kids will love starring in their own sports book that features their name and photo. This uniquely personalized birthday gift will also delight new parents who want to raise an enthusiastic sports lover and college sports fan.

Birthday Gift for the Daydreamer: Dress-up Box

Does your child love to stare out the window dreaming, make up scenarios in their heads, or pretend play with toys? A dress-up box is perfect for the little daydreamer to play and visualize scenes in their head! Put a bunch of costumes and accessories into a box like a tutu, fairy wand, top hat, beads, bow tie, gloves, silly glasses, and more. On their birthday, the child can dress up as any character and pretend play. This birthday gift will allow them to improve their already creative mind. It’s a box to help kids think outside the box!

Gift for the Imaginative Storyteller: Personalized Storybooks

This birthday gift is perfect for any child who loves to make up stories. Personalized storybooks are the best birthday gifts because they are special made for each child! A custom name book like Open This Name Book features the child’s name on the cover and throughout the story! In this hilarious tale, monster friends try to put the letters of the child’s name in the correct order.

Personalized storybooks can also put the child at the center of the action! In Super Kid! the child is transported to a comic book world where they become the superhero. Upload a photo of the child’s face, to be displayed as the main character!

If you’re looking for a birthday gift and a fun activity, the All About Me book celebrates the child turning another year older and has areas for the parent and child to fill out. It’s a perfect birthday activity that will capture the child’s drawings and favorite things.

Gift for Kids on the Go: Musical Instrument and Dance Outfit

Some children are constantly moving, whether that means wiggling on the floor, fidgeting, or bouncing around. Kids who love to move around are often physical learners, so music or dance can be beneficial creative outlets. Try a birthday gift that nurtures these talents like a musical instrument and a dance outfit! For toddlers, gift a tambourine, maraca, drum or xylophone. For elementary age children, consider a violin, beginner piano, or guitar. Once they learn a song, or even a few notes, they can dress up in their birthday outfit and dance to their own music! This birthday gift encourages kids to express their creativity through movement.

Gift for the Problem Solver: Personalized Puzzles

Problem-solving children are hands-on learners who go through the steps to solve something—whether that’s finding a missing sock, cleaning up a spill, or putting all the puzzle pieces together! Personalized puzzles are educational and fun birthday gifts that encourage cognitive development and improve hand-eye coordination. Try a 24-piece personalized puzzle for toddlers, with large pieces that are safe for little hands. Surprise older children with a 500-piece personalized photo puzzle. Photo puzzles are special gifts the whole family can enjoy. Once it’s all together, glue the pieces and frame it in the child’s bedroom!

Gift for the Artist: DIY Craft Art Mystery Box

Nurture a child’s artistic flair with an art supplies mystery box! Fill a box with various objects and supplies such as glitter glue, a sock, pipe cleaners, colored paper, markers, tape, straws, a paper plate, a paper bag, and more. When the child opens the box, they are tasked with making an object or toy based on the supplies! This unique birthday present will inspire budding little artists.

Gift for the Builder: Educational Wood Blocks

Does your toddler love to build things? Maybe they love stacking objects or creating new inventions during craft time. A gift of wooden blocks will nurture their love of building. To make this gift even more educational, give blocks that have letters, numbers, or even the periodic table on them so they can practice spelling as they stack! You can also turn this gift into an activity by creating the blocks yourselves. Use wood surface paint markers to draw directly onto the blocks and DIY your own set.

Gift for the Little Explorer: My Superfantastic Birthday Adventure Personalized Gift Set

Take kids on a birthday book adventure they’ll never forget! This personalized children’s storybook is perfect for curious little minds who love to explore, and it comes with a birthday medal for the child to wear! In the story, Buzzy the Bird whisks the child away on an adventure across the globe and into outer space to spread word of the child’s birthday! This book is photo-personalized with a picture of the child’s face so they are the main character in the story. It’s a super fantastic birthday gift that can be enjoyed long after the birthday party is over.

Birthday Gift for the Nature Lover: Garden Starter Kit

This birthday gift is perfect for the child who loves spending time outdoors and exploring nature! Create a gardening kit for kids that includes seeds, a small bag of dirt, a few pots, gardening tools and a small watering can. Kids can plant their own garden and help it grow! This is a lasting gift that also teaches children about the life cycle of plants.