Books & Gift Sets to Show Your Love

I love you. No matter how often you say it to your child, those three little words never get old. Knowing they’re loved makes children feel secure and safe. A loved child is a confident child, always willing to try and learn new things.

I See Me! offers various books and gifts to help you remind your little one she or he’s adored on every page. Written and illustrated by award-winning authors and illustrators, these lovely books will become your child’s treasured keepsakes—and a constant reminder of who loves them.


Who Loves Me?

Every February, Who Loves Me? proves why it’s a bestseller among our I Love You books, but Who Loves Me? isn’t just for Valentine’s Day. It’s a wonderful story book for any time a child needs some loving reassurance, whether they’re about to become an older sibling, are starting school, or going through any major life event.


God Loves You

Introduce your child to God’s love with this beautiful storybook. One of the most popular of our I Love You books, God Loves You! tells children how much God loves them, and that they are His special creation.

The winner of Creative Child Magazine’s Seal of Excellence, God Loves You! makes a perfect gift for important religious occasions. We took care to ensure the book is nondenominational, so the story applies equally to children of Christian, Muslim, and Jewish faiths.


Little Book of Blessings

Like God Loves You! the message of My Little Book of Blessings is one of love. Each personalized book contains ten blessings in rhyme, reminding your little ones of the God, friends, and family who love them while gently teaching them to appreciate the many good things in their lives.


Stickers, Placemats, and Gifts

We’ve taken the same beautiful illustrations in our I Love You books and applied them to other gifts, including growth charts, lunch boxes, placemats and stickers. Each gift is a constant reminder that you care and love your child without measure, and make excellent presents for birthdays, starting school, or just to cheer little ones up when they’re feeling down.

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