First Time Mom Gifts

If there’s any whirlwind of excitement and panic that matches the feeling of becoming a first-time mom, we’ve yet to experience it. Watching a friend or family member head into the brave new world of parenthood should be celebrated, so show how happy you are for her with thoughtful first-time mom gifts.

If you’re not sure what to get her, we’ve got some great suggestions for first-time mom gifts.

Customized Keepsakes

Commemorate her new motherhood with a gift she’ll treasure forever. Customized keepsakes include personalized plush toys, jewelry, and our personal favorite, books.

We offer a number of personalized books that make great first time mom gifts, from our Hello World board books to our Goodnight Little Me storybook. Each book is fully customized with the new baby’s name and room for a personal dedication. It’s not only a gift to the new mom—it’s a gift her baby will treasure for years to come.

Fashionable Diaper Bags

Diaper bags are indispensable travel accessories for any new mom, and the more room the better. If the traditional diaper bag has a downside, it’s that it looks like, well, a diaper bag. Look for a style of diaper bag that combines fashion with function and give mom an accessory she can take anywhere.

Digital Picture Frames

If you’re an experienced parent, you know a new baby’s every move is immortalized in pictures. Rather than leave those golden moments languishing on a hard drive or in a Facebook album, let mom proudly display them to the world with a digital picture frame (these make great gifts for new grandparents as well).

Travel Nursing Pillows

Nursing pillows help support babies in the proper position for breastfeeding while keeping mom as comfortable as possible. They’re a popular choice for first-time mom gifts, but a bit bulky to carry around.

Help mom stay mobile with travel nursing pillows. Easily stored in a diaper bag, these little pillows are perfect for moms on the go.


This may seem like a cheap gift for a new mom—or a self-serving way to secure yourself some quality baby time—but hear us out. Eventually mom’s going to need some time to herself or with her partner, at which point an offer of free babysitting is going to sound really good. Print out some pretty babysitting coupons, add them to a basket with some luxurious bath products, and you’ve got a set of first-time mom gifts that just keeps on giving.

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