Find that Personalized Gift for Every Occasion!

Special occasions are milestones in a child’s life. Every birthday, every religious holiday, every summer vacation and new school year are signs the child is getting older and growing up. As adults, we may not get too excited by another birthday, but when you’re only six, turning seven is a really big deal. You may not remember the day you learned to read your own name, but at the time, it was an amazing feeling.

We can show children we recognize their growth and development in many ways, from parties and presents to compliments and hugs. At I See Me, we offer unique, personalized books and gifts to make your child’s milestones all the more memorable.


Never Sweat on a Birthday Gift Again!

Birthdays, of course, are ideal times to give children gifts and celebrate how big they’re growing, but other occasions are equally wonderful. Personalized animal books for kids, for instance, introduce concepts and ideas children will need in the future through a fun and interactive reading experience. In My Very Own Name, animals use rhyme to spell out your child’s name, helping them recognize the letters make up their name and teaching important pre-reading skills.

Other animal books for kids teach early development skills. In My Farm Friends, you little one learns to match farm animals with the noises they make while seeing her photo and hearing her name. It’s lots of fun, but also teaches children to make connections—something they’ll be asked to do again and again in school.


Personalized Gifs for every Holiday Occasion!

Christmas, Hanukkah, Easter, and other religious holidays are all the more special with a personalized book or gift. Adding a personalized Christmas ornament to the tree every year can become a special holiday tradition, while books make wonderful additions to a religious celebration.

One of the most memorable moments in an older sibling’s life is the day he or she meets the family’s new baby. A new addition to the family brings excitement, but also feelings of anxiety and feeling left out. We designed our Super, Incredible Big Brother / Sister series to help older siblings celebrate their new role in the family—and remind them they’re loved and important at the same time.

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