new year school supplies

New School Year Essentials

Just when you think you’ve successfully bought all your child’s first day of school supplies, something else always seems to crop up. It’s the joy of sending kids to school. Supplies get lost, broken, or suddenly become essential—usually five minutes before it’s time to head out for the bus. Here are a few school supplies it’s always good to have on hand, whether it’s the first day of school or the last.


An Extra Planner

By getting kids used to planners early, schools teach important lessons in planning, prioritizing, and scheduling. Even elementary school kids are expected to come to class with planners.


Have an extra planner around in case one goes missing. Some children lose planners constantly, and even the most conscious kid can misplace one.


Binders and Paper

School binders take a beating over the course of a semester, and while it’s difficult to break the metal binder mechanism, the covers are vulnerable to tears, rips, water damage and other problems. Have a couple of binders on-hand just in case. If you don’t use them this year, they can be rolled over into the next grade’s first day of school supplies.


Along with binders, keep a supply of paper and subject dividers around. You never know when you’ll need them.


Stick up on Craft Supplies

The absolute best time to shop for basic craft supplies is after school starts. All the first day of school supplies are on sale, so you can score paint, glue, crayons, and markers at low prices. If your kids don’t need them for school, you’ve got a supply of entertaining art supplies for home use.


Erasers, Pencils, and Rulers

One of the I See Me staff writers is convinced his daughter eats erasers—it’s the only explanation for how many she goes through in a school year. Pencils, erasers, and rulers are easily lost at school or on the bus, and almost always need replacing during the school year. You’ll need them, and you’ll use them, so why not stock up on them while you’re hunting for cheap craft supplies?


Index Cards

A supply of index cards at home makes it easy to create flashcards for math, vocabulary, and spelling tests.


Personalized Back to School Gifts

While many parents include back-to-school gifts with the first day of school supplies, there’s no reason you can’t give gifts throughout the year. A personalized lunchbox or set of stickers is a great reward for completing a difficult class or a challenging project.