mother and daughter coloring

Benefits of Coloring with Your Kids

It’s becoming clear adults as well as kids enjoy the benefits of coloring. A whole range of adult coloring books are now available for older members of the family. Parents can color their grown-up books while kids use their own, or you can find coloring books designed for parents and children to color together.


The Benefits of Coloring Books for Children

For such a simple activity, coloring helps children develop a wide spectrum of mental and physical skills. Here are some of the areas coloring helps develop:


  • Fine motor skills
  • Pre-writing skill
  • Focus and attention
  • Spatial awareness
  • Color awareness
  • Creativity
  • Self-confidence.


Coloring improves many of the skills children need for school. As they color they’re getting used to manipulating crayons—which prepares them for writing with pencils and pens. Coloring engages kids in a structured activity with boundaries and rules—all of which builds habits that will help complete tests and assignments.


Stress Relief for Adults and Kids

Adult coloring books have become popular because grown-ups have remembered what they knew as kids—coloring relaxes us. The focus and attention required to color (especially in a challenging adult coloring book) take people’s minds off their troubles. Negative thoughts drift away and stress levels drop.


The same benefits of coloring can be seen with nervous children. By focusing attention on the page, the brain gets a break from what’s troubling it—and feels better for it as a result.


Family Bonding and Coloring

Coloring together helps bring families closer together. It’s a calming, relaxing and quiet activity done with people you love—what’s not to like? If you’re coloring the same page, you’re working as a team. You choose which colors to use and who will color where.


Even if you’re coloring in separate books, coloring provides a sense of common purpose. A coloring session is a great time to talk about the day, share stories, or just have a cozy parent-child snuggle. The relaxing nature of the activity makes coloring an ideal pre-bedtime ritual as well.


As for what to color, well, that’s up to you. You can print pages for adults and kids off the internet or team up to complete personalized coloring books that offer just enough challenge for adults and kids alike. What’s important is that you’re coloring—together.