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Superhero Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Help your child feel like a strong, powerful, and confident superhero with these superhero birthday party ideas! These party planning ideas and superhero activities for kids will turn superhero dreams into a reality. As you plan your child’s super-spectacular birthday party, find more inspiration with the personalized superhero children’s book Super Kid!

Superhero Birthday Party Ideas

Party Favors for Kids

Thank your guests for coming with creative and affordable party favors. Here are some party favor ideas kids can use at the party or take home with them:

  • Superhero masks. Cut out masks from construction paper or purchase plastic ones from the store. Kids can decorate their masks for a superhero party activity!
  • Goody bags filled with candy. Write the words POW!, ZAP!, and BOOM! on construction paper, cut them out with triangular edges, in traditional comic-book style, and tape them to the outside of the bags.
  • Pillow case capes. Cut a hole from the top of pillow cases in different colors, for kids to stick their head through. Purchase large foam letters, so they can stick the letter of their name onto the back of their cape!
  • Medals of heroism. Make your own by cutting out circles from foam or construction paper and gluing a ribbon to each circle. Write a special reward on the medal, such as: Medal of Kindness, Medal of Confidence, Medal of Imagination, and so on. You can give out the awards throughout the party.

Kids Party Food: Super Snacks

Superheroes needs to keep up their strength! Here are some super-cool food and drink ideas:

  • Mini water bottles with capes. Cut a cape shape out of construction paper with a hole at the top. Slide the paper cape over the water bottle cap.
  • Superfoods that are packed with nutrients, like blueberries, avocado spread on crackers, and nuts. Write a note next to the snacks that say: Food to give you super strength!
  • Lightening bolt sandwiches. Cut a lightning bolt out of cheese and place it on top of each sandwich.
  • Superhero Jell-O cups. Make strawberry, berry, and lemon Jell-O according to the package, and add one layer at a time into the cup. Wait for each layer to solidify before adding the next.

Superhero Birthday Party Crafts and Superhero Games

These superhero crafts and games will spark your party guests’ creativity and imaginations!

Make Your Own Superhero Shield

Kids can design a popular superhero shield, like Captain America, or design their own! You’ll need:

  • Paper plates
  • Construction paper
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • Elmer’s glue

For a shield like Captain America’s, color a blue circle in the center, followed by thin circles of red, white, and red. Cut out a star shape from white construction paper and glue it in the center. Cut out a long strip of construction paper and glue it to the back of the paper plate, to create a handle.

Power Smash Piñata

With their super strength, kids can take turns using a foam bat to power smash the piñata and reveal the candy surprises inside!

Capture the Villain

An adult will pretend to be the villain and hold a bag of candy. Kids must chase the villain and “catch” him by throwing a hula hoop over him. Once caught, the villain throws out candy to be released.

Mission Hidden Objects

Hide small objects around the yard or party space, and be sure there are duplicates of each object. After kids have formed groups, give each group an object list. Each group must locate every object on the list. The group to find all the objects first wins!