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How to Throw a Virtual Baby Shower

With just an Internet connection you can host a heartwarming, virtual baby shower for the mom-to-be that brings everyone together! The concept of an online baby shower has been around for a while, especially when you want to connect with long-distance friends and family. But in this current coronavirus health situation, what if your baby shower had to be canceled? A virtual baby shower is the perfect way to still celebrate and respect social distancing. This online party is just as fun as the real one, with a few twists thrown in! We’ve compiled a list of tips and party tricks to plan an online baby shower full of love and joy.

Decide on a video service.

All you need is an internet connection and a video service to host a beautiful baby shower!  No matter the distance, everyone can join in. First, you need to choose the best video service for your party—and there are lots to choose from! Try a free video service like Zoom, Google Hangout, Facetime, Facebook messenger, or Skype. Just make sure guests have access to the video service and are tech-savvy enough to use it. (For those who struggle with technology, schedule a call with them and guide them through the platform so they can practice ahead of time.) You can also connect your device to the TV, so it’s easier for party guests to see your video.

Design digital invitations to baby shower guests.

Virtual party invitations are easy to create and send. Make a simple invitation on your computer and send by email or use an invitation service like Evite to create detailed invitations with music, links, a gift list, and an RSVP. Bonus: You’re going green by using paperless invitations.

Create camera-ready baby shower decorations.

Design a beautiful background for your online baby shower. The best part? Instead of decorating your whole house, just decorate the space that the camera picks up! A virtual baby shower makes decorating simple and easy. Hang balloons and streamers from the ceiling. If you are streaming with a wall behind you, hang a sign that says, “Oh Baby” or “It’s a Girl” and tape colorful balloons to the wall.

Host a parent and child “dance off”.

Nothing like a social distancing dance break to get party guests grooving! Neighborhoods are already hosting dance breaks outside, so why not have one at your baby shower? Parents and their kids can do a “dance off” by dancing in front of the web cam for others to watch. This baby shower activity encourages you to bounce and laugh, perfect for kids at home. No matter the distance, you can have a dance party contest anywhere!

Play baby shower charades.

Create a document with baby-related words and email it to all your party guest families. They can print it at home, cut out the words, and fold the pieces of paper. Separate guests into two teams. Each person will grab a word and try to act it out on camera. The other team members will guess. Try charade words like baby, rattle, diaper, pacifier, stork, pregnancy, and more.

Guess that baby song!

For this virtual baby shower game, the host will play 30 seconds of a popular nursery song or baby song. Everyone else will write their guess on a piece of paper and hold it up to the camera. Try songs like Baby Shark, Row Row Row Your Boat, The Wheels on the Bus, and The Itsy Bitsy Spider.

Open baby shower gifts online.

Guests can send presents in the mail and the mom-to-be can open presents online so all the long-distance party guests can see. Online gift purchasing is easy and respects social distancing. You can order a baby shower gift online, and it will be delivered straight to the recipient’s house. Add a gift box so the baby shower gift is beautifully packaged and ready for opening! A personalized baby shower gift is especially meaningful for both mom-to-be and her new baby. Give her a heartwarming keepsake with a personalized baby photo book that features up to 10 family member names and photos. Consider also a custom name book or personalized bible that mom and baby will treasure for years to come.

An online baby shower is a loving gesture to connect friends and family together, especially during tough times. Show love and support to the new mom with a beautiful party she can enjoy, no matter the distance!