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How Kids Can Spread Kindness

Spread love and kindness all winter long, and especially at the holidays! In honor of World Kindness Day on November 13, we’ve put together ideas for kids to spread cheer and happiness to friends, family, classmates and strangers. A small act of kindness can make someone’s day brighter. Even a small child can do something small, to make a big impact. By encouraging your child to perform an act of kindness, you will help them grow in confidence, compassion, and empathy. Here’s some ideas below, to help you spread joy to others and make a difference!  

7 Ways for Kids to Spread Holiday Kindness 

Do something nice for someone.

Encourage your child to perform a small act of kindness for someone. They could hold the door open for an elderly person, rake leaves for a neighbor, bake cookies for a friend, or pay a compliment to someone. Inspire your child to perform these acts with a personalized children’s storybook like I Can Change The World. This engaging read describes how small acts of kindness can make a big impact on everyone!  

Donate to a nonprofit organization.

Find a heartwarming cause—or one personal to you—and donate. Kids can donate some of their own chore money, or you can contribute as a family. By donating to a cause, your child will learn about those in need and grow to be an empathetic and compassionate adult. You can learn about I See Me’s own Happy Howlidays cause at our site, where we are donating to support animals in need!  

Volunteer at an animal shelter.

Kids can also help animal shelters in need! Deliver supplies like food and blankets to your local animal shelter. Visit the animals, to provide them with love and comfort. Take an animal for a walk or foster an animal in need. Kids will love offering love and support to animals. And who knows—maybe you’ll find a furry family member to adopt into your home!  

Surprise a friend or sibling with a small gift.

Acts of kindness come in all shapes and sizes! There’s acts of service, but also acts of gift-giving. Your child can surprise their best friend or sibling with a special gift, like a personalized children’s storybook. A book like We Go Together Like… celebrates the special bond and friendship between two children! Gifts can help show how much you care about another. Both children can read their custom book every time they are together, to celebrate how much they love each other. 

Leave kind notes in your neighbor’s mailboxes.

Help your child write short notes to neighbors. Then place them secretly in the mailboxes, for your neighbors to find as a welcome surprise! Here are some suggestions:  

  • Thank you for your warm smile and kind heart! 
  • You are the best neighbor! 
  • A good neighbor is a blessing!  
  • You are a very thoughtful person! 
  • Happy Holidays to you and your family.  

You never know what someone is going through. Sometimes a kind note can brighten their day and deliver joyful smiles!  

Give candy or a toy to a classmate or friend at school.

Have your child surprise their classmate or friend with a small gift. This small act of kindness is a beautiful way to spread love and make someone feel special! It can also be a way to make new friends.  

Pick up litter at your local park.

Teach kids about the important impact of picking up litter and recycling, to help our environment! Visit a local park on the weekend or after school and make your park a cleaner place to play.