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7 Reading Games for Kids

Help your child read, learn and grow with these engaging games for kids! These innovative and enjoyable activities provide a perfect blend of learning and fun, making reading an adventure for your little ones. Whether it’s learning the ABC’s, exploring imaginary worlds, or discovering new characters, these games are designed to captivate young minds and nurture their reading skills. Get ready to embark on a reading journey that sparks joy, curiosity, and a lifelong love for books!  

Word Treasure Hunt 

Hide words around the house for your child to find! Give them a list and have them search all over the house to find each one. This reading activity is perfect for every level of reader—from beginner to advanced. We love this idea: hide a word inside a book, or a personalized children’s book. A personalized book like My Very Own Name spells the child’s name in rhyme, helping them learn to spell! Take learning to the next level with a story starring your child, like My Big Little World. Your child will see their name and photo in the story, and explore their own home and universe!  

Sight Word Bingo  

Help your child learn sight words during game time! For this activity, you’ll need a muffin tin and muffin cups. Write a sight word at the bottom of each muffin cup, such as like, look, big, the, what, have, in, etc. Call out a sight word and play as you would Bingo. Your child will place a toy or a piece of cereal inside the muffin cup for that word. Once they have three in a row they win! 

Rhyme Time  

Encourage your child to come up with as many rhyming words as possible within a given time. Draw a word from a bowl and set the timer. Then guess all the rhyming words until time is up! This is a fun game for kids to play alone, or with family.  

Story Starters 

Provide sentence prompts to inspire children to create their own stories. Take it to the next level by having your child draw pictures to tell their story page by page. This fun game fosters imagination, storytelling and language skills. 

Synonym Matching Game 

Build your child’s vocabulary with this synonym game! Prepare cards with words and their similar-meaning words. Your child will match the pairs and better understand word relationships. Here are some synonym pairings for this game: big + large, small + little, sad + unhappy, nice + kind, loud + noisy.  

Want to make this even more educational? Choose word parings with a similar theme like emotions, sizes or feelings.  

Reading Olympics 

Turn reading into a series of challenges that your child will complete to win prizes! Create a chart of different challenges for the month. Here are some suggestions: Read 1 book in a week, read 20 pages in 5 days, learn 3 new words this week, read one page in a book out loud every morning, and so on. Chart your child’s progress by filling in the days, to show they’ve accomplished each goal. Looking for fun prizes to hand out with each goal? For the smaller prizes, surprise your child with stickers or a personalized coloring book. At the higher level, consider a bigger gift like I Can Change The World to make them feel special and proud of their achievements!  

Vocabulary Charades 

Act out words while others guess their meanings. Choose beginner words or more advanced words, depending on the child’s age. Kids will love reading their word silently and acting it out for a quick guess. This reading game enhances vocabulary, nonverbal communication and reading comprehension.