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Holidays are a joyful time for families to come together and create lasting memories. For children, holidays represent a break from their routine, a chance to explore, learn, and have fun in a different setting. Families can take advantage of this time to bond and make the most of their experiences.

No matter the holiday, you’ll want to know how to make your get-together or celebration a blast. Discover fun ideas for children and families, including holiday-themed activities, ways to start new traditions, party planning tips, and holiday gift guides. Find memorable ways to celebrate Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Fourth of July, Valentine’s Day, Easter and Christmas.

Christmas is an especially magical time for everyone. The twinkling lights, cozy gatherings, and festive decorations create an enchanting atmosphere that fills hearts with warmth. From exchanging gifts to savoring delicious feasts, the spirit of togetherness and love permeates every corner of the holiday season. Want to make your Christmas celebrations special and filled with activity ideas? We’ve got you covered!

While you’re planning your holiday festivities, check out our gift guides and gift recommendations. Personalized children’s books, photo puzzles and Christmas books make engaging and unique gifts for kids of all ages! Celebrate a baby’s first Christmas milestone with a keepsake book that has the child’s name on the cover. Spend a cozy game night at home with a photo puzzle featuring your family’s favorite beach photo or picture. Use a personalized book as inspiration for a children’s craft, game or activity.


7 Gift Ideas for Baby’s First Christmas

A baby’s first Christmas is an exciting time—mostly for the parents. The baby himself is a little young to understand what’s happening. This means baby’s first Christmas gift is likely to be appreciated more by Mom and Dad that the little one. It also means you have plenty of opportunities to choose gifts that both parents and children will love for years to come.   Christmas Clothes Make sure babies dressed for the season with

Easy Christmas Songs for Kids

Kids love everything about Christmas, and why wouldn’t they? The lights, the tree, brightly-lit yard decorations and the promise of Santa’s visit make the winter holidays an exciting time. And then, of course, there’s the music.   Christmas songs for kids are fun, lively, and great ways to practice memory. Dancing helps with gross motor skills (and helps burn off some of that holiday excitement), while hand motions and playing instruments improve fine-motor skills. Best

5 Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

If you’ve got a child in preschool or elementary, it’s likely they’re coming home before Thanksgiving with a handprint painted to look like a turkey. Handprint turkeys are, let’s be honest, as much a part of the season as pumpkin spice and turkey stuffing. Much-loved though the hand-turkey is, surely there are more interesting Thanksgiving crafts for kids out there? We’ve come up with five to help keep little hands busy over the holiday weekend.

5 Kid Friendly Thanksgiving Recipes

Preparing Thanksgiving dinner is more fun when you work together as a family—and offers opportunity to teach children some basic cooking skills. How much your children can help depends on their age, of course, but here are five kid-friendly Thanksgiving recipes most children can participate in making.   Bacon Smokies This fun appetizer combines the fun of assembling the bacon-wrapped treats with a quick payoff (they’re ready in 45 minutes). You’ll need: 12-16-ounce package of

Teaching Children the Meaning of Thanksgiving

Trapped between the candy-filled excitement of Halloween and the magic of the winter holidays, Thanksgiving doesn’t always get the attention it deserves from children. And that’s a shame, because Thanksgiving is one of the most important days in American culture. Fortunately, teaching children the meaning of Thanksgiving isn’t difficult, and brings opportunities to develop our children’s ability to appreciate personal blessings.   Start with the Story To understand Thanksgiving, children need to know the story

Controlling Halloween Candy Consumption

Halloween is a major celebration if you’re a kid. You get to dress up in costume and go out in public, roaming the neighborhood or local shopping center asking for treats. Sometimes it’s a little scary, but the brave kid knows the house with all the spooky decorations is also likely to be the one with the best candy. From an adult perspective, Halloween’s a little nerve-wracking. Complete strangers are handing your child candy, and

5 Custom Halloween Bags

Plastic Halloween jack-o-lantern treat buckets may get the trick-or-treating job done on October 31st, but they’re hardly the most imaginative candy containers. Instead, why not give your little one a Halloween bag that stands out from the crowd? We’ve got five suggestions for unique, fun, and slightly spooky custom Halloween bags and buckets. Frankenstein’s Monster Cereal Bags These bags are fun to make with kids, and have an added advantage—they don’t hold huge amounts of

Find that Personalized Gift for Every Occasion!

Special occasions are milestones in a child’s life. Every birthday, every religious holiday, every summer vacation and new school year are signs the child is getting older and growing up. As adults, we may not get too excited by another birthday, but when you’re only six, turning seven is a really big deal. You may not remember the day you learned to read your own name, but at the time, it was an amazing feeling.

5 Special Gifts for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day isn’t about flowers (unless your little one picked them herself) or cards (unless the card’s hand-made). Mother’s Day is about showing how much you love Mom, whether it’s making her breakfast in bed, planning a special day, or presenting her with a hand-made gift she’ll treasure forever. At I See Me, we know how special a customized gift is. With this in mind, we’ve collected seven gifts children can make (with a little

Make Mother’s Day Special with a Handmade Card or Book

It’s a secret the greeting card companies would rather you didn’t know—nothing makes Mom feel more special and loved than a handmade card. Almost every Mom eventually gathers a treasure trove of hand-crafted cards and art made by her children. If you’re helping little ones make Mother’s Day cards, a little preparation goes a long way. Stocking up on craft materials ahead of time is a great start. Because this is a gift Mom’s likely to treasure