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Holidays are a joyful time for families to come together and create lasting memories. For children, holidays represent a break from their routine, a chance to explore, learn, and have fun in a different setting. Families can take advantage of this time to bond and make the most of their experiences.

No matter the holiday, you’ll want to know how to make your get-together or celebration a blast. Discover fun ideas for children and families, including holiday-themed activities, ways to start new traditions, party planning tips, and holiday gift guides. Find memorable ways to celebrate Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Fourth of July, Valentine’s Day, Easter and Christmas.

Christmas is an especially magical time for everyone. The twinkling lights, cozy gatherings, and festive decorations create an enchanting atmosphere that fills hearts with warmth. From exchanging gifts to savoring delicious feasts, the spirit of togetherness and love permeates every corner of the holiday season. Want to make your Christmas celebrations special and filled with activity ideas? We’ve got you covered!

While you’re planning your holiday festivities, check out our gift guides and gift recommendations. Personalized children’s books, photo puzzles and Christmas books make engaging and unique gifts for kids of all ages! Celebrate a baby’s first Christmas milestone with a keepsake book that has the child’s name on the cover. Spend a cozy game night at home with a photo puzzle featuring your family’s favorite beach photo or picture. Use a personalized book as inspiration for a children’s craft, game or activity.


Gifts Ideas for National Teacher’s Day

National Teacher’s Day is the first Tuesday of the first full week in May. On that day, teachers will be inundated with homemade crafts created by loving hands. While they treasure every one of those gifts, a person only has room for so many “best teacher” drawings, hand-print wreaths, mugs, and picture frames. This year, why not pick from our list of teacher’s gift ideas?   School Supplies Let’s face it, most teachers buy their

Creative Ways to Personalize your Easter Eggs

Easter egg decorations always a fun kids’ craft, even if you wind up boiling so many eggs you wind up eating egg salad sandwiches for the next week. But kids, being kids, quickly tire of simple food-dyed Easter eggs. This year, give them some fun Easter egg designs they’ll love. Sparkle Dot Eggs For these elegant little eggs, you’ll need decorative colored sugar, clear adhesive dots you can buy at most craft stores, and, of

Custom Easter Gifts for your Kid’s Easter Basket

Every year, grocery and department stores stock up on pre-made Easter baskets. Most are filled with copious amounts of crinkly paper, cheap, mass-produced toys that break easily, and low-quality, waxy chocolate. Your child deserves better than this. With a little thought, you can make your own baskets of personalized Easter gifts kids will love. Pick a Theme Does your child enjoy crafts, or is she more of an outdoor adventurer? Let your child’s personality guide

Earth Day Crafts & Activities for Kids

April 22nd is Earth Day, when volunteers across the world work towards a better, cleaner earth. It’s also an ideal date for teaching children about nature and the importance of caring for the planet. Below are some simple Earth Day activities and crafts to help teach your little one about the world they live on. Plant a butterfly Garden Planting a butterfly garden is a wonderful way to teach children about the relationship between pollinating

Getting Your Child Involved in Inspire Your Heart with Art Day

January 31st is Inspire Your Heart with Art Day, a day set aside to appreciate and explore art in all its forms. It’s a great opportunity to introduce your child to the arts, either by enjoying other people’s works or making your own masterpieces. Here’s six ways to enjoy this national day of art appreciation.   Visit an Art Gallery Visiting an art gallery or museum’s art collection is a great idea if you have

History of Baby New Year

The image of Baby New Year fascinates children, who naturally see themselves in the cartoon toddler who represents the transition from one year to the next. This interest can lead to kids asking why the new year is a baby, which can sometimes be tricky to answer. We’ve assembled a few facts and speculation about Baby New Year history you might find helpful.   Baby New Year History The use of a baby to represent

Homemade Holiday Cookbook Recipes

Every family has its own special holiday recipes—food and treats that are only made during the holiday season and make celebrations extra special. A homemade holiday cookbook is a great way to preserve these memories in one place.   Whether your homemade holiday cookbook is professionally formatted and bound or lovingly handwritten into a spiral-ring notebook, you probably want it to include recipes children can make. Kids love helping in the kitchen, and you get

5 Holiday Games for Kids

The winter holidays are an exciting time for children, which is a blessing and, well, sometimes a bit less of a blessing. On the one hand, it’s great watching those eager little faces. On the other, that much energy needs to be channeled or it’s going to finds its own, potentially unwanted, outlets. That’s where holiday games for kids come in. Here’s five games to help keep kids happy and active as they wait for

How to Handle Holiday Birthdays

Holiday birthdays often prove a challenge for parents. How do you make sure your child’s birthday gets the attention it deserves when all around you people are celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Hanukah? We’ve got a few suggestions to make sure your little one’s birthday remains special.   No Dual Gifts! Winter holidays are expensive, and some people may try to stretch their budget by purchasing joint birthday-Christmas gifts for children. This makes the child feel

Christmas Eve Traditions from other Cultures

Teaching children about traditions from other cultures develops an appreciation and tolerance for other people. The days before Christmas offer wonderful opportunities to introduce children to other cultures and how they celebrate the winter holidays. Together, you and your child have a whole world of amazing differences to explore—why not start with these five countries? France: Shoes Instead of Stockings Your children might be a little jealous to hear French children get their Christmas presents