Personalized Stickers

Personalized Stickers

We’ve made stickers even more fun with your child’s own name.

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Personalized Stickers for Your Child

Kids love stickers. A simple sticker gives a child the opportunity to express herself, by customizing a favorite book, applying it to her arm, or carefully adding it to her sticker collection. Stickers are tiny pieces of art that children can claim for their own. It's no surprise that everyone from teachers to dentists use stickers as rewards for kids! A special sticker is a valued prize for good behavior, or a reminder that they should be proud of how brave they were during a doctor's visit. Personalizing stickers takes them to a whole new level for kids! Personalized stickers from I See Me! provide children with truly unique little pieces of art, proudly emblazoned with their name or photo. Personalized Sticker Uses We could come up with ideas for using personalized stickers all day and still not match your child's imaginative uses for them. Applying personalized stickers to favorite books and toys reinforces a child's sense of ownership. The gift of a photo sticker to another child is a solemn event, an indication that a firm friendship has been struck (don't laugh-to small kids, the giving of such gifts is a serious matter.) Parents can use name and photo stickers to personalize school supplies such as pencil cases, lunch boxes, water bottles and more. Personalized stickers can be "just because" gifts or used to reinforce good behavior. They can be a special treat for the start of school or a much-needed diversion during a boring road trip. And with 18 colorful stickers on each 9-inch by 11-inch page, your child will have plenty of opportunity to display his or her name or photo for the world to see!