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Short Description:A child named Nikolay is presenting a Fabergé egg as a gift from Russia. Below, the artist Natasha Tabatchikova from Russia describes this illustration found in the personalized storybook My Very Own® World Adventure.
Description:“The children are in Moscow Red Square and Saint Basil’s Cathedral is in the background. This scene is representative of the time around New Year’s and Christmas time as they have fun and the children are obviously on holidays. The children are celebrating the discovery of this extravagant Fabergé Egg. The Fabergé Egg shown in the illustration is named Lily of the Valley and was made in 1898. It was first owned by Empress Anna Fedorovna Romanova (the wife of the last Emperor Nikolay II) and they say that it was her favorite egg in her collection. There are 3 moving-out medallions with the portraits of the Emperor Nikolay II and two of their elder daughters, Olga and Tatiana. The master’s name who made this egg is Michail Perhin. The egg is in modern style. “In general the first egg was made in 1885 by the order of Emperor Alexander III. It was an Easter present for his wife Maria Fedorovna. She was so fascinated by the present that she turned Karl Fabergé into the court jeweler. The children are wearing traditional Russian hats called Ushanka to keep their ears and head warm during the cold winter.”
Illustration Information
IllustratorNatasha Tabatchikova
Medium:Mixed media - watercolor and digital
Child’s Name in the Illustration:Nikolay
Gift Presented by the Child:Fabergé egg
Found in the Personalized BookMy Very Own World Adventure
About the Illustrator:
About the Illustrator: Natasha Tabatchikova
Natasha is a talented artist and illustrator. She is 36 years old. Natasha lives in Novosibirsk. Natasha has been drawing since her very childhood. After having finished school in 1992, she went up to the Novosibirsk Pedagogical University to the faculty of Art and Graphic with the painting, drawing and etching specialization. In 1997 Natasha graduated from the University, but it was difficult to find a proper job right on her new profession and Natasha started to work in an advertising company as a computer graphic designer.

After having become quite experienced in computer design, Natasha began to cooperate with the company producing cards and the packaging for confectionery. After that Natasha became a freelance artist and got a large project - illustrating “the Chronicles of Narnia,” the project lasted almost the year.

Meanwhile one of Natasha’s friends sent her portfolio to Artemy Lebedev Studio http://www.artlebedev.ru/ – the largest creative studio in Russia. Although the studio is situated in Moscow, they liked Natasha’s works and invited her to join their company as an illustrator and later as a storyboard artist. Natasha worked there for 4 years.

After Lebedev’s studio, Natasha joined a newly established creative agency - the BangBang studio http://www.bangbangstudio.ru/ who are mainly engaged in storyboarding and illustrating. At present Natasha is continuing to work for the BangBang as well as trying to realize herself as an independent freelance artist.

1992-1997 the Novosibirsk Pedagogical University, the faculty of Art and Graphic with the painting, drawing and etching specialization

1997-1999 Children’s Creativity Center

2000-2001 “Fotoland”, Novosibirsk company

2001-2004 design studio “ZapSibDizainProekt” (west sibirian design project)

2006-2008 Artemy Lebedev Studio

2008-today BangBangStudio as well as freelancer

Achievements and exhibitions:

1995 White Spot Contest – second place

1998 personal exhibition in Russian-Japan House “Hokkaido”

2003 participation in exhibitions of private galleries in France and Germany

2000-2007 participation in annual exhibitions of Russian artist’s union and international biannual exhibitions in Novosibirsk

2006 participation in St Petersburg International Graphic Biannual, is published in participant’s catalogue

2006 published in the book-catalogue “the Artists” by publishing house “Locus Standi” Natasha’s works are in private collections all over the world.
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