Lunchbox Notes for Kids

School can sometimes be tough. Kids are learning and meeting new challenges—both in the classroom and on the playground. Slipping a fun note into his lunchbox can turn a bad day around, or just remind your child he’s loved. We’ve come up ideas for fun lunchbox notes for kids.


Jokes or Love?

You know your child better than anyone else. Will he feel all warm and fuzzy if the note says “I love you,” or will he go red with embarrassment and want to hide under the lunch table?

If your kid falls into the second category (and many do), brighten their day with handwritten jokes and silly drawings rather than expressions of affection. If you’re stumped for ideas, a quick Google search reveals thousands of laughter-inducing lunchbox notes for kids.


Chalkboard Lunchboxes

Make your child’s lunchbox into the message with personalized chalkboard lunchboxes. Each box has the child’s name emblazoned on the outside, while the inside lid contains a chalkboard where you can note down loving messages or draw silly faces.


Banana Stationary

This cool trick is sure to bring smiles to little faces, and all you need is a banana and a toothpick. Using the toothpick, gently scratch out a message on the banana peel. It won’t look readable right away, but within a few hours the lettering browns and stands out against the yellow peel.



If you know how to fold simple origami, you can really up your lunchbox note game. Learn to fold a flapping crane or “cootie catcher” and write your message on the completed model. (Just stay away from the many origami models that make paper airplanes, which lunchroom monitors might not appreciate).


Fun Facts

Is your child a dinosaur fanatic, or have a fascination for space or history? Add to her interest by including fun facts about her favorite topic with her lunch. Again, this is one of those ideas where Google is a parent’s friend, as you can quickly find all sorts of trivia on her favorite subject.


Personalized Stickers

Kids love stickers, and personalized stickers make great lunchbox notes. Write your message on the sticker’s backing, and slip it into the child’s lunch. If he wants, he can decorate his lunchbox with the stickers, rather like an old-fashioned suitcase covered with labels from its owner’s travels.



You want to control your child’s candy consumption. At the same time, a little treat can be a great pick-me-up. Store unused Halloween candy, tie a piece to a note and you’ve got a tasty lunchbox surprise.

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