5 Gifts for Grandparents

A child’s love for a grandparent is a special, powerful emotion. The generation gap doesn’t matter—grandparents and children are a natural pairing. Help your children express their love with one of these five personal gifts for grandparents, and put smiles on both young and not-quite-so-young faces.


If your children enjoy making crafts, why not have them make some for their grandparents? The internet has a multitude of imaginative crafts kids can make for their nanas and grandpas, from hand-prints and flowerpots to bookmarks and awards for being, well, grandparents. Holidays such as Christmas, Halloween, and Hanukah are excellent times to break out the crafting supplies and make a memento for the occasion.

Letters and coloring pages

If grandparents live far away, encourage children to send handwritten letters and notes. You can help children write if they’re too young, or have them draw a picture to put in the mail. Kids enjoy mailing letters (it’s a bit of an unusual activity nowadays). And if grandma writes back, there’s the excitement of getting a letter in the mail as well.

Personalized Books

At I See Me, we specialize in providing customized picture books for kids, but why should children have all the fun? Our new My Super-Bestest Grandma and

My Super-Bestest Grandpa books are told from the child’s perspective, with eight scenes describing why their grandparent is the best. Each book includes the child and grandparent’s names. It’s a wonderful gift grandparents and children can read and cherish together.


As gifts for grandparents go, pictures of the grandkids are high on the list. You can either buy a nice frame or have the children decorate frames from the local dollar or craft store. For more tech-minded grandparents, a digital picture frame filled with photos of them with the grandkids might be appropriate.

Tech Gifts

Technology and the internet have made it much easier for grandparents to stay in touch with grandchildren. If grandparents are tech-savvy, a tablet allows them to video-chat with the grandchildren and play games together. Not every grandparent is comfortable with online life, but for those who are, a tablet is an excellent way to bridge the distance if grandkids live far away.

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