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*This article was written by Scott Smith and originally posted on Consumers Advocate.

For centuries, people have wondered what their dogs are thinking. Sure, we can all translate when our dogs’ tails are wagging — it means they’re happy. When they’re barking and circling the front door, it means they want to go outside. Sometimes our dogs swat their paws at us because they want us to pet them. But still, seeing life through their eyes and understanding their language has remained one of life’s biggest mysteries.

Well folks, I See Me!, a leader in personalized books, has cracked the code with their groundbreaking book, If My Dog Could Talk, an illustrated, rhyming storybook narrated from the dog’s perspective. For the past 20 years, I See Me! has explored the fun way to educate children through personalized books and gifts. Their mission is to make each child feel special. Learning is fun with personalized books because the children reading them see themselves as characters in a story. Reading is changed from a task that needs to completed to an adventure kids want to take. If My Dog Could Talk is I See Me!’s first personalized dog book.

As a human dad to 7 dogs, and a Pet Editor, If My Dog Could Talk is a must have for families across the land. It’s the perfect book to jump-start the Back to School season and a perfect gift for the upcoming holidays. Between educating children in a fun way and helping animals, If My Dog Could Talk has a tremendous amount of goodwill going on. I See Me! just might have a timeless classic the likes of Dr. Seuss’ books on their hands.

Maia Haag, company President and Co-Founder of I See Me!, is also the author of If My Dog Could Talk. Maia is dog lover and owner herself. She wanted to write a book that celebrated the loving bond between dogs and their families. This past month, in an interview with morning show KARE 11, Maia and Secondhand Hounds Rescue founder, Rachel Mairose and Teri Woolard, the organization’s Owner Surrender Coordinator, sat down to discuss the book.

Maia talked about how in her household, their family dog is the center of attention. So Maia set out to tell a story from the perspective of your dog about what it’s like to live in your family. How great is that! Rachel and Teri were especially intrigued by the fact that any dog, no matter its age, health, or appearance, could be the main character in If My Dog Could Talk.

When you order If My Dog Could Talk, you can personalize the dog’s name and the type of dog (12 choices). You have five fur colors to choose from, and you can select up to four dog lovers to be characters in the book. Family and friends’ names will appear in the text and illustrations. And if your beloved family dog has passed away, I See Me! can personalize the book by rendering it in the past tense. This book also comes in several different gift sets, that can include the book, a personalized bandanna for your dog (in small or large), and a dog food placemat.

In addition to making reading fun for kids, I See Me! has partnered with several animal rescue organizations on their book, If My Dog Could Talk. I See Me! and Secondhand Hounds have the same outlook of respecting and celebrating the uniqueness of each and every dog for who they are. Secondhand Hounds has that same mission of respecting each and every dog for who they are. Rachel and Teri of Secondhand Hounds are thrilled to be partnering up with I See Me!’s If My Dog Could Talk.

Secondhand Hounds’ mission is to reduce the population of unwanted dogs. There are unique dogs and great purebreds available through rescue organizations. Secondhand Hounds wants people to find the dog that’s right for them and that needs a home. Many of their dogs come from high-kill shelters and humane societies. Secondhand Hounds fosters these dogs and tries to pair them perfectly with their forever home. No doubt that many of the dogs they place will become the center of family attention, just like Maia’s dog. And some of them might even find their way into the pages of If My Dog Could Talk.


Over the next few months, I See Me! will be partnering up with several other rescue organizations too. Make sure to use the specific code for that particular month and receive a 10 percent discount off your purchases. Remember, a portion of the proceeds will be donated back to the nonprofit.

Through August, I See Me! partnered with their local Minnesota nonprofit Secondhand Hounds. Customers who use the code HOUND will receive 10% off their purchase, while a percent of proceeds at the end of the month will get donated back to Secondhand. In September, I See Me! is partnering with the Humane Rescue Alliance in DC with the code RESCUE. In October, they’re partnering with the Anti-Cruelty Society of Chicago, using the code DOG. And in November, I See Me! is partnering with the Humane Society of Missouri with the code HSMO.

Kathy Warnick, president, Humane Society of Missouri on their partnership with I See Me! and their book, If My Dog Could Talk.

“The Humane Society of Missouri is committed to creating lasting relationships between people and animals through our companion animal-based programs and services. We expect our friends, volunteers, supporters and adopters will have a wonderful time creating personalized books while helping give second chances to the thousands of deserving animals aided by our shelters every year.”

Colette Bradley of The Anti-Cruelty Society says;

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with I See Me! and “If My Dog Could Talk”. As an animal welfare organization, it’s always great to partner with businesses that share our love for pets and encourage others through their work to adopt. I See Me! is generously donating 10% of their sales to The Anti-Cruelty Society during the month of October and we’re so grateful for all they are doing to support animal rescues”

Secondhand Hounds says;

“The I See Me! books are a great way to celebrate each individual, in this case each dog! At Secondhand Hounds we adore dogs of every shape and size! Part of our mission is to provide a forever home for every dog – whether mixed, purebred, young or old. Partnering with I See Me books is a great way for us to show that all dogs are beloved members of the family by celebrating their own stories.”

I would like to thank The Anti Cruelty Society, The Humane Society of Missouri and Secondhand Hounds in participating in this feature story for I See Me!’s book, If My Dog Could Talk.

I See Me! is seeking additional partnerships for If My Dog Could Talk to continue to spread the goodwill into 2018Contact informationSammy Bosch, Public Relations Specialist at I See Me! at sbosch@iseeme.com.

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