10 Moms Who Personalized Books

At I See Me, we love hearing about the experiences children have with our personalized books. Here are ten mommy bloggers thoughts on the joys and benefits of customized children’s books.

Echo (The Mad Mommy)

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Echo blogs as the Mad Mommy. Raised in the Twin Cities, she writes about the things she loves, including her kids, husband, cooking, coffee, and laughter. She says laughter is especially important, because when you’re parenting, if you aren’t laughing, you’re crying (or occasionally yelling).

M is For Me Personalized Children’s Book 

Echo thinks the world of I See Me personalized books, which make the child the center of the story. She believes kids are more engaged when they are personally involved in stories, and that engagement is the key to raising kids with a lifelong love of reading.


Leslie (And Her Little Dog Too)

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The blogger behind And Her Little Dog Too, Leslie is an Instagram-obsessed photographer who lives in Philadelphia with her husband, two little boys, and—of course—their little dog too. She’s a stay-at-home mom, a Stella & Dot Stylist, a three-time marathon runner, and an avid believer in the restorative properties of a glass of red wine at the end of the day.

My 12 Days of Christmas 

As one of our personalized book advocates, Leslie knows a love of reading begins with an active imagination and love of learning that needs to be cultivated at an early age. For her boys, being able to see themselves and their names in their I See Me books is a very special thing.



Lori (A Day In Motherhood)

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Before becoming a mother Lori was a stockbroker who now works from the home and blogs at A Day in Motherhood. Her blog provides her with an outlet to celebrate, laugh, and occasionally cry as she shares the joys and challenges of raising three young daughters as a single parent.


Who Loves Me? Personalized Book

Lori loves that thrilled look on a child’s face when she sees her name and photo on a personalized book. She has I See Me books for all three of her daughters, and reports the girls lovingly care for their special books, which they want to read all the time. As Lori says, there’s something magical about being in your own book!


Kendra (Mrs. Doing Her Best)

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Kendra is a mother of two and a self-confessed perfectionist with a love of efficiency, organization, and (of course) her family. She blogs at Mrs. Doing Her Best to share her life, her passion for food and travel, and her obsession with organization—which comes in handy when juggling a family and career.



             My U.S.A. Road Trip Personalized Storybook

Kendra loves the uniqueness of I See Me personalized books. In a world of mass-produced items, it can be difficult to find a unique gift for a child, and personalized items are often merely ornamental. Personalized books are something a child can use and enjoy as they learn to read.

Natasha (Hello Happiness Blog)

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Nashville-based lifestyle blogger Natasha is the mother of two wonderful little girls, a lifestyle blogger, and the owner of Sugar Bit, a children’s clothing and gift store. She is an eternal optimist who loves baking, dressing up, planning parties, and all things southern. She chronicles her life at the Hello Happiness Blog.

Princess Personalized Book

Like the other personalized book advocates on this list, Natasha appreciates how unique and special the I See Me books make children feel, and how customized books engage children and encourage them to read.


Sonya (House of Kerrs)

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Sonya maintains the family and lifestyle blog House of Kerrs. A published writer on Canadian parenting, she and her husband are raising four kids just outside Toronto, Canada. Her blog allows her to share her views on family travel, parenting, fashion, and the latest child-related product reviews, all from within the “beautiful chaos” of large family living.


My Very Own Fairy Tale Storybook

Sonya loves I See Me personalized books because of their positive effects on a child’s self-esteem, the award-winning stories and illustrations, and the little extra touches we bring to each book, such as dedication pages and our commitment to inclusivity.

Ivy (SAHM, Plus . . .)

SAHM Plus Ivy Head Shot

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I See Me Pirate Tale GiftIvy runs the blog SAHM, Plus . . . , chronicling her adventures as a stay-at-home mom and wife. In addition to sharing parenting tips and marriage secrets, she’s also an autocross enthusiast who loves to tinker with cars and motorcycles.


My Very Own Pirate Tale Storybook

Ivy always knew kids react positively to having their names inserted into songs and stories, and she enjoys how personalized books make it easier to engage with her kids, and how the quality and beauty of the books make them wonderful keepsakes for the future.


Janel (A Mom’s Take)

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Janel is the lead blogger of A Mom’s Take and the mother of five boys, all under the age of ten. Based in Phoenix, she loves the sun, travel, and roller coastersWhen she finds time she enjoys digital scrapbooking and has a deep obsession with board games.

My Radio Flyer Adventure Personalized Book

The team at A Mom’s Take loved our My Very Own Pirate Tale. They were impressed with the quality of the book’s construction and the beautiful illustrations that adorn each page. They were especially pleased with the personalized nature of the book, and how each page spelled out not only the child’s first name, but his middle and last name as well.


Shelle and Taylor (Fantastic Mrs. Mom)

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Shelle and Taylor are the driving force behind Fantastic Mrs. Mom, a website covering every aspect of parenting from diaper rash to college loans. The blog includes family-friendly travel tips, health and safety advice, and plenty of recipes for busy families.

M Is For Me Personalized Book

Fantastic Mrs. Mom loves how I See Me books provide children with examples of good character as well as well as teaching important skills like letter and number recognition. They’re looking forward to that wonderful day when little Aksel can read his book for himself, and know he’ll treasure his book as a lifelong keepsake.

Maria (Maria’s Space)

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Maria is the owner of Maria’s Space, where she shares stories and pictures of her family, plays with memes, and reviews a wide array of family-friendly products. She’s the proud mother of “Goddess” and “Handsome.”

My Sing-Along Book and Personalized Music

We asked Maria to review My Sing Along Book, which she loved for its vibrant colors and whimsical illustrations. She particularly liked the accompanying CD, noting that the songs flow with the “Insert name here” quality found in other personalized CDs–the child’s name fits naturally into the songs. We have to admit, we’re very proud of that!