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DIY Pet Costumes for the Holidays

The holidays can be just as exciting for your pet as you. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the winter holidays offer plenty of opportunities for pets to interact with family and friends. Pet costumes help your fur babies take part in all the fun while looking adorable.

Know Your Pet

Not every pet has the temperament for pet costumes. Some love the idea, and take to costumes immediately. Some need plenty of treats and training to accept the costume, and some will utterly refuse to have anything to do with the strange item of clothing their human wants them to wear. If your pet falls into the last category, don’t push it. Pet Halloween costumes aren’t worth losing your pet’s trust and affection, no matter how adorable they may be.

Introducing Pet Costumes

It’s best to start simple with pet costumes until the pet understands dressup is fun. A seasonal collar or bandana is a simple way to add some holiday sparkle to your pet. Animals used to wearing harnesses and vests during the rest of the year will be more amenable to pet costumes than other animals. Introduce hats, antlers, and other pet costumes slowly, with lots of praise and treats.

Pet Halloween Costumes

Pet Halloween costumes are great fun with a willing pet, especially if the pet’s costume complements your child’s trick-or-treat costume. With a few pieces of felt, some scissors, and a hot glue gun, you can make an adorable lion mane for your fuzzy king of the jungle (or at least the back yard). Looking for a spooky costumer? Transform your kitty into Bat-Cat with these easy-to-make bat wings.

DIY Pet Costumes for the Winter Holidays

No matter how you celebrate the winter holidays, you’ll find plenty of DIY pet costumes for the occasion online. We’re particularly fond of these no-sew doggy outfits made with holiday aprons or giant stockings, which can be adapted to any holiday with a little work.

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