mom and baby smiling in a sunflower field

How to Congratulate Someone on Their New Baby

Knowing how to congratulate someone on their new baby is a great skill to develop, and trust us, it is a skill. Knowing when to drop by to visit, what to bring, and when to offer help will make you the new parents’ favorite friend or relative (not counting baby of course). Here are some suggestions on how to congratulate someone on their new baby the new mom and dad will really appreciate.


In the first days after baby comes home there’s going to be a steady stream of well-wishers. Unless you’re a close friend or family member, resist the urge to visit right away. New parents are tired enough without feeling they should entertain.

When you do decide to drop by, text first and ask if it’s a good time. Texting is less likely to wake the baby than a phone call. Keep the first visit short so parents don’t feel overwhelmed.

Give a Gift

If you gave a gift at the baby shower you don’t need to give a second one unless you want to do so. Rather than another cuddly toy or romper, give something special like a personalized baby book. The personalized storybook It’s My NIGHT NIGHT Time! and Goodnight Little Me help soothe babies at bedtime. Find our full collection of unique baby gifts here. Practical gifts are also a good idea: while they may not be the most exciting gift to give, extra diapers are always welcome.

Send Flowers

If you can’t drop by in person, or if you want to wait until the new parents have a chance to catch their breath, you can send flowers instead. Most florists offer special baby bouquets that come with a little keepsake to commemorate the birth. Alternately, you could send a care package of special food or spa supplies so the new mom can pamper herself a little.

What to Write in the Card

What you write in the congratulations card is important—your message may well find its way into a baby’s first year scrapbook. We recommend simple, heartfelt messages that focus on the joy of the moment, such as:

  •       Congratulations! All the love and cuddles will be worth those sleepless nights!
  •       There’s nothing more beautiful than a baby’s smile. Enjoy the new addition to your family!
  •       You’ve got a wonderful journey ahead of you—cherish every minute of it!

In addition to a card, a personalized book like Hello World! (in a pink or blue edition) welcomes the new baby and sends the new parents best wishes with a custom dedication page.

Provide Meals

New parents barely have time to sleep, let alone cook. If you’re really wondering how to congratulate someone on their new baby in a way they’ll appreciate, drop by with a cooked dinner. Use a disposable container so they don’t have to worry about cleaning and returning dishes.

If your cooking skills aren’t up to the task, delivering some takeout from one of the parent’s favorite restaurants will certainly be welcomed (extra points if you look after the baby while they enjoy their meal in private).

Offer Help

Gifts are great, and fun to give and receive, but what new parents really appreciate is help. Offer to do a grocery run for them, or to look after the kids while they escape the house for a while. If they have older kids, ask if you can take them on an outing so mom and dad can focus on the baby. Or tell mom you’ll sit the baby while she has a well-earned nap. It’s gestures of help like these that are really appreciated on days when baby’s been crying since three in the morning!