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Family Time

What to do when you don’t know what to do? Try our family activities and ideas that bring everyone together to make lasting memories. Family time is an opportunity to celebrate, communicate and connect. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or spending quality time together, family time fills your day with joy and laughter. Maybe you’re sharing stories around the dinner table, engaging in games, embarking on adventures, or simply enjoying quiet moments together. These experiences knit individuals closer together.

During these moments, children also learn and grow. Traditions, values, and customs are passed down through generations, reinforcing a sense of identity and legacy. As children observe their elders, they learn essential social skills, empathy, and the importance of relationships.

We have family activities for everyone and every occasion! Celebrate Mother’s Day by planning a fun-filled day, where Mom spends precious time with her loved ones. Make dad feel special by starting a new Father’s Day tradition, like camping, puzzling, or reading a personalized children’s book together. For Easter, take your celebrations to a whole new level of egg-citement! Host a family brunch, organize an Easter egg hunt, or celebrate baby’s first Easter with a keepsake gift. Looking for creative ways to spend Christmas? We have activities that will make the holidays magical, for your family and adorable dog too!

Want to take your storytime snuggles to the next level? Try a personalized children’s book, that features the child’s name throughout the story. These books are perfect to share with an auntie, grandparent, parent or sibling. Deliver smiles of joy and delight to every child with a unique book!






First Time Mom Gifts

If there’s any whirlwind of excitement and panic that matches the feeling of becoming a first-time mom, we’ve yet to experience it. Watching a friend or family member head into the brave new world of parenthood should be celebrated, so show how happy you are for her with thoughtful first-time mom gifts. If you’re not sure what to get her, we’ve got some great suggestions for first-time mom gifts. Customized Keepsakes Commemorate her new motherhood

Find that Personalized Gift for Every Occasion!

Special occasions are milestones in a child’s life. Every birthday, every religious holiday, every summer vacation and new school year are signs the child is getting older and growing up. As adults, we may not get too excited by another birthday, but when you’re only six, turning seven is a really big deal. You may not remember the day you learned to read your own name, but at the time, it was an amazing feeling.

Baby Shower Gifts for Moms-to-Be

Choosing baby shower gifts can be difficult. Do you opt for the practical or the sentimental? The baby bath or the cuddly toy? What if you bring a duplicate gift—an awkward situation for all concerned? Here’s a few suggestions to help you choose the best possible gifts for mothers.   Coordinate Gifts If you know other people attending the shower, ask what gifts they plan on bringing. Not only does this help avoid duplicates, it

5 Special Gifts for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day isn’t about flowers (unless your little one picked them herself) or cards (unless the card’s hand-made). Mother’s Day is about showing how much you love Mom, whether it’s making her breakfast in bed, planning a special day, or presenting her with a hand-made gift she’ll treasure forever. At I See Me, we know how special a customized gift is. With this in mind, we’ve collected seven gifts children can make (with a little

Make Mother’s Day Special with a Handmade Card or Book

It’s a secret the greeting card companies would rather you didn’t know—nothing makes Mom feel more special and loved than a handmade card. Almost every Mom eventually gathers a treasure trove of hand-crafted cards and art made by her children. If you’re helping little ones make Mother’s Day cards, a little preparation goes a long way. Stocking up on craft materials ahead of time is a great start. Because this is a gift Mom’s likely to treasure

Giving Children The Gift Of Your Time This Holiday

During the holidays, cherished time with our children can slip away from us. We get so busy cooking meals, hosting out-of-town guests, shopping, wrapping gifts, and keeping up with parties and commitments that our kids may feel like they’re in the way during this very special time of year. While showering your children with holiday gifts is nice, what kids really need and want is our time and attention. That’s why we’ve put together these