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Gift Ideas for Your Niece & Nephew

Is there anything better than being known as the cool aunt or uncle? We really don’t think there is. You’re the one kids want to be around, to tell their secrets and dreams to, and generally have fun. The bond between you and your nephew or niece will last a lifetime.

Being the coolest relative does come with some demands. After all, that level of coolness means you’re sure to give the coolest gifts, right? We’ve assembled a selection of gift ideas for your nephew or niece. By necessity, these ideas are a little gendered, so if you see something in the gift ideas for your niece that your nephew would love, go for it. That’s why you’re the cool one, after all.

Gift Ideas for Your Niece

“Sugar and spice and everything nice” may describe some girls, but others want to play in the mud and fight dragons. You’ll have a better idea of which type of little girl you’re buying for then we do, so with that in mind, here are some gift ideas for your niece:

  •       Friendship Bracelet Kits: Make two friendship bracelets to show the world how inseparable you are.
  •       Fairy Books: Treat your niece like a princess with a our Fairy All-in-One Gift Set, which includes a personalized storybook and coloring book with a flower fairy wand for imaginative play.
  •       Wonder Woman: If your niece is more of an Amazon princess than a fairy queen, anything related to DC’s empowering heroine is a great choice.
  •       Tea Sets: Secrets are best shared over tea and cookies. This is a universally known truth.
  •       Coloring Books: The My Royal Princess Adventure Coloring and Activity Book makes little girls feel like the princesses they are.
  •       “Grownup Jewelry”: Hit up your local thrift store for some elaborate dressy fake jewelry for your special little lady.
  •       Science Kits: Girls are still underrepresented in the sciences. Getting her interested in science early may open exciting careers in the future.

Gift Ideas for Your Nephew

Is your nephew rowdy and adventurous or quiet and studious? Either way, we’ve got something for everyone in our gift ideas for your nephew!

  •       Gross Stuff: Bug hunting kits, fake doggie poop, whoopee cushions, ooze and slime—some boys can’t get enough gross in their lives. Be the cool adult (and co-prankster) who understands this need.
  •       Water Pistols: Available at any dollar store, a few water pistols and water balloons turn a hot day into an adventure—and opportunity for aunty/nephew mischief.
  •       Personalized Jigsaws: Even the most boisterous boy has quiet spells. Make those moments special by completing a Dino-Mite personalized puzzle together.
  •       Microscopes: Hidden just out of sight is a world of tiny wonder, just waiting to be discovered. Today’s microscopes even allow you to take photos and view magnifications on tablets and laptops.
  •       Play Tools: Are you handy with DIY projects? Let little ones join in the fun with their own play tool set.
  •       Funny Slippers: from hairy Bigfoot feet to fuzzy tacos, there’s plenty of fun novelty slippers out there. Get two pairs so you both can wear them!
  •       Tents: Whether an indoor play tent or a real camping tent, tents are great places to hide away together and have nephew/uncle sleepovers and adventures.

Need more gift ideas for your niece or nephew? Check out I See Me’s selection of personalized books, stickers, and fun items. And remember—the best gift you can give your nephew or niece is your time.