Guide to the Best Bug Sprays for Kids

As spring progresses, the number of biting insects and mosquitos begins to climb, continuing into summer. Aside from itchy irritation, insect bites have the potential to spread several nasty diseases, including West Nile Virus, St. Louis encephalitis, and Lyme disease. Mosquitos capable of carrying the Zika virus are present in

Patriotic Crafts for Memorial Day

Memorial Day falls on the last Monday of May, and honors US service members who died in the line of duty. It’s a solemn holiday, but offers opportunity to teach older children about sacrifice and bravery. For younger kids, there are many patriotic crafts you can make to commemorate the

Fun Spring Crafts for Kids

Spring art projects are perfect for those rainy spring days when the kids are convinced there’s nothing fun to do. We’ve collected five spring crafts we think your kids will love.   Bottlecap Flowers These pretty bottlecap flower crafts will look great on your fridge or hung in the kid’s

3 Awesome Ideas Mother’s Day Crafts

Moms, please leave the room for a moment. We need to talk to that special someone in your life. Just for a sec. We’re not plotting anything, honest.   She’s gone? Good, because we are totally plotting something. Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and it falls to us, the spouses

Best Gifts for Grandma on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day gifts for Grandma should be personal, whether Gran lives across the street or across the country. This Mother’s Day, make Grandma’s day with these fun, lovely craft and gift ideas.   Coffee Mug Bird Feeders This bird feeder craft makes one of the most memorable Mother’s Day gifts

Packing List for Traveling with Kids

Traveling with kids is always an adventure—or a challenge, depending on how long you’ve been on the road and how the kids are behaving. Keep your travel plans on track with some careful preparation, and you’ll have more adventures and fewer headaches!   Traveling with Infants Pioneers crossed the Wild

Spring Cleaning Games for Kids

How to get your kids to help with spring cleaning? It’s not as hard as it sounds with these fun spring cleaning games. Race the Clock! This is a fantastic way to collect items that belong in another room. Put a Rubbermaid container or cardboard box in the middle of