Shot of two little girls baking with their mother in the kitchen

Pumpkin-Inspired Recipes for Kids

Between Halloween and Thanksgiving, the humble pumpkin becomes one of America’s most popular foods. If you’re making pumpkin treats for the family, why not get the kids involved? Our selection of kid-friendly pumpkin recipes will help you teach children the basics of cooking while whipping up some tasty treats. Pumpkin

new year school supplies

New School Year Essentials

Just when you think you’ve successfully bought all your child’s first day of school supplies, something else always seems to crop up. It’s the joy of sending kids to school. Supplies get lost, broken, or suddenly become essential—usually five minutes before it’s time to head out for the bus. Here

girl dressed up in lion costume

Halloween Craft Ideas: Spotlight on Pumpkins!

It’s October, which means it’s time for Halloween craft ideas. This year we’re focusing on pumpkin crafts because what’s Halloween without a big grinning jack-o-lantern? Playdough Pumpkins Pumpkin carving is the basis for many Halloween craft ideas, but small children lack the hand-to-eye coordination to safely handle a knife. Rather

mom signing to baby

The Benefits of Singing to Babies

How do you calm an upset baby? We all know the answer—you rock him, coo and hush him, and—if you’re like most people—you sing to him.   Singing to babies is one of those habits that transcends cultures. Across the world, parents sing to babies and babies respond, even when