Healthy New Year’s Resolutions for Kids

The new year is a time for fresh starts and resolutions—many of them focusing on healthier, more active lifestyles. Those of us who find it easiest to stick with our resolutions are usually those with the most practice working towards goals and establishing new, positive habits. This makes New Year’s

Memory Improvement Games for Kids

Memory improvement games have plenty of benefits beyond improving a child’s ability to recall items. Such games encourage focus, improve concentration, and encourage the development of a child’s cognitive skills. A good memory helps children in all aspects of life. Here’s five memory improvement games kids will want to play

DIY Snow Globes

Snow globes fascinate children—and adults too for that matter. There’s something deeply relaxing about watching glittery snow swirl around inside the globe on a cold winter’s night.   DIY snow globes are even better. With a little supervision, children can make these winter crafts as gifts for grandparents, friends, and

5 Fun Winter Games for Kids

When people think of winter games for kids, they tend to think of the old standbys—snowball fights, building snowmen, making snow angels, and tobogganing. Wonderful though these activities are, we think the winter months hold many more opportunities for fun and play. Here’s five fun winter games for kids we

5 Fun Snowflake Crafts

When it’s too cold to play outside and children need something to do, why not explore the world of winter crafts? Snowflake crafts really catch children’s imagination. The natural beauty and symmetry of a snowflake can be reproduced easily with these simple, fun projects.   Stained Glass Snowflakes Stained glass

History of Baby New Year

The image of Baby New Year fascinates children, who naturally see themselves in the cartoon toddler who represents the transition from one year to the next. This interest can lead to kids asking why the new year is a baby, which can sometimes be tricky to answer. We’ve assembled a